How to apply for the airdrop(User Manual)

For the smoothing application for the airdrop, We recommend that you apply for it with the PC.

1. Fill in the basic information

for applying for the airdrop, you need an activated e-mail address and the address of XP wallet. We will give you the encrypted key identifying an each user in the information.

1-1. Enter your e-mail address and the address of XP wallet in the web page of the application.

WARNING! The authentication mail will be sent to the address that you entered. You should enter an activated e-mail address

1-2. Copy the generated message as follows.

2.Generating Sign for the authentication

Sign generated in the wallet is a way of proving one's own. We check to see if the wallet is the owner for it.

If you use the desktop wallet, check from 2-1-1 and if you use CCWallet, check from 2-2-1.

2-1-1. [the desktop wallet] Sign message menu

2-1-2. [the desktop wallet] After you enter your XP wallet and the generated message, click [Sign message].

2-1-3. [the desktop wallet] Copy the generated Sign.

How to Create a Sign for a XP Desktop wallet (YouTube)

Youtube Link

You have generated Sign for your desktop wallet. Please proceed in succession from 3-1.

2-2-1. [CCWallet]DM with CCWallet(1:1 Message)

1. Click CCWallet in the list of the discord online users to check the profile.

2. Click [send message] the profile of CCWallet.

2-2-2. [CCWallet] You should request the generation of Sign message in CCWallet.

The command generating Sign message is as follows.

!xp message sign [the message you generated in 1-2]

is it difficult to use the command?

Enter [the message you generated in 1-2] in the text box below and click the generation button.

the generation of the command
the copy of the command

2-2-3. [CCWallet]Copy the generated Sign.

3.Proving your own with the generated Sign

You can finish proving your own and applying for the airdrop to enter Sign generated in your wallet.

3-1. Enter the Sign generated in [2-1-3] or [2-2-3].

2-1-3. Sign generated in the desktop wallet

2-2-3. Sign generated in CCWallet

3-2. Check the information you enterd for the last time.

3-3. The completion of the application and the authentication of the e-mail

If the screen below shows, you have successfully applied.

Please check the authentication mail sent to the e-amil address you entered.

If you don't complete the authentication of the e-mail, the application for the airdrop will not be completed.

XPC Team is not responsible for any damage caused by not authenticating the sent e-mail